“I have always believed preventative medicine is a top priority. Achieving optimal health and well-being is what Anti-Aging Medicine is all about. ”

– Eli J. Hammer, M.D.

Dr. Hammer began his medical career like most physicians, with passion and excitement during the late 1980’s as a family physician. Unfortunately, medicine had changed dramatically over the next 15 years, as did Dr. Hammer himself. Primary care medicine became a “sickcare” system, instead of a “healthcare” system. Doctors waited for patients to come in with a disease and then determined the “right drug” to treat the problem. Fifteen to twenty patients a day became forty. Time was limited to just a few minutes to spend with each patient and almost no time available to address disease prevention.

During those same 15 years, Dr. Hammer also went through changes. He continued to gain weight, lose patience, became irritable, fatigued, and depressed. Higher and higher doses of anti-depressants was not the solution. Then, in a twist of fate, while caring for his dying father, he discovered the field of Anti-Aging Medicine. Immense amounts of time and research led him to have himself evaluated and was found to be low in almost all the important hormones. He also was not eating, exercising, nor taking supplements correctly. Once prescribed the proper hormones, diet, exercise, and supplements, Dr. Hammer’s life changed quickly. He was weaned off his anti-depressant in six weeks, and then decided to leave his successful family medicine practice to pursue a new career in anti-aging medicine, despite already being in his 40’s.

The Medical Director and founder of the Hammer Institute For Anti-Aging Medicine, Eli J. Hammer, M.D. received his BSE in biomedical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and earned his medical degree from Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey in 1986. He completed his Family Practice residency in 1989 at Phoenix Baptist Hospital in Phoenix. Over the next decade, he partnered a successful Family Medicine practice in Scottsdale, Arizona before opening the Hammer Institute to exclusively practice Anti-Aging Medicine in 2000.


Dr. Hammer is Board-Certified in:

Anti-Aging Medicine by the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine