Medical Evaluations

An Anti-Aging assessment that will provide a detailed analysis of your current health status and recommendations to improve and maintain your health. The evaluation generally lasts approximately 5-6 hours. Included in the evaluation fee:

  • Laboratory Assessment – comprising of a complete blood count, chemistry panel, and an extensive hormonal analysis. Blood drawing services are conveniently provided to patients at our office or at a conveinently located Sonora Quest draw station. Blood specimens are collected 10 to 14 days prior to evaluation appointments.

  • Fat/Lean Body Mass Analysis

  • Medical History & Physical Exam (Pelvic and breast exams should be completed by primary care physician or gynecologist)

  • Comprehensive Physician Conference – Typically, a 5 to 6 hour consultation with Dr. Hammer, involving discussions of health status, clinical findings, and therapeutic recommendations. In-depth counseling of hormonal restorative therapies, nutritional supplementations, diet and exercise.

Fee: $1950.00**

**Payment of Medical Evaluation fee is completed at the time of scheduling. Patients who complete the Medical Evaluation are under no further obligation.

Introductory Consultations

Complimentary consultations with Dr. Hammer are available. We invite patients who are interested in learning more, to visit our office and meet Dr. Hammer. Consultations are usually 30-60 minutes, and provide an overview of anti-aging medicine, as well a discussion of the patient’s current health concerns. Telephone consultations are also available.

Fee: Complimentary

Program Pricing

Costs associated with our anti-aging program are individualized and dependant upon each patient personalized needs. Costs are inclusive of medications (including hormones), supplementations and all professional services by Dr. Hammer. All follow-up visits and repeat in-office testing are included. Laboratory blood testing (done at approximately 3 to 6 months) incur additional charges based on what tests are ordered.

Program costs are incurred quarterly, as patients medications, supplies and supplements are ordered and delivered in 90 day orders.***

Fee: Ranges from $600.00 per month to $1600.00+ per month
(The inclusion of Human Growth Hormone and the dose is what mainly dictates the cost variation.)

***Mastercard/Visa/American Express/Discover Card accepted.


Complimentary consultations with Dr. Hammer are available and encouraged.  Take this opportunity to discover the benefits of anti-aging medicine, and how hormone restoration can significantly improve your current and future health.