Progesterone is another female sex hormone that is present to balance the effects of estrogen. It is crucial to restore this hormone in women regardless of whether they still have their uterus. Besides the uterus, there are progesterone receptors in the breasts, brain, and bones. Natural progesterone has anti-cancer properties, along with being crucial for healthy bones and brain function (including elevating mood and decreasing anxiety).

Most premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is related to a relative deficiency of progesterone compared to estrogen during that part of the menstrual cycle. It is extremely important to know the difference between natural progesterone and progestin (Provera). While progestin will protect the uterine lining from the effects of estrogen, it has been shown to be otherwise quite toxic to women, in addition to lacking the health benefits of bio-identical progesterone.

Functions of Progesterone

  • Balances the effects of estrogen

  • Natural antidepressant and tranquilizer

  • Protects against cancer

  • Improves sleep

  • Lessens PMS symptoms

  • Natural diuretic